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Our goal and our passion has been to work hard, entertain our fans, and just plain having  fun.

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Addison Payne Productions is an independent film brand that is responsible

for the intense psychological thriller “Billy.”

Since 2008, Addison Payne Production has built a team to create a company 

that has a varied history in creating horror movies, psychological thrillers and 

adult comedy drama.

Our Feature

A group of young college friends gets together every summer to reunite since middle school. After playing a game of “Never Have I’ve Ever”, truth brings out a new found revenge in one friend who has held a grudge for years.

Addison Payne Production present "Never Have I".
Starring Kira Reynolds , Kristen Lawson, Greg Ludden, Candice Jenkins, Jordon Stewart, Kevyn Anderson Tanecia Harrison and Imani Ferguson 

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