Addison Payne is a writer, director, blogger, and film critic, who has brought many interesting facts and entertainment views to film enthusiasts.

Payne first fell in love with the art of filmmaking when her mother introduced her to the extraordinary, Alfred Hitchcock. Through her newfound interest of film, Payne learned that there was a great deal of magic that one must possess in order to truly become as extraordinary as her idol, Mr. Hitchcock, and therefore invested her time into learning just what that magic was.

After high school, Payne enrolled in creative writing courses at Full Sail University and earned a bachelor's degree in the arts. She began to extend her talents first as a writer and director, and later branched out into hosting film premiers, and working as a radio and television host - while creating worlds of entertainment for others to enjoy.

" I am the weird people... The black sheep, the odd duck, the rejects, the eccentrics, the loners, the lost and forgotten. Yes, I have a beautiful soul! "  ~Addison Payne

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